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When will I get my referral reward?
When will I get my referral reward?

Find out when you can expect to receive your £10 Gift Card referral reward.

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Join us, refer-a-friend and you’ll both get a £10 Gift Card for, John Lewis Partnership or Uber, your choice.

Both you and your friend will get your £10 Gift Card once their second-month plan renewal (after activation) has gone through..

We’ll send you an email when your friend successfully completes an order using your referral link, and another email shortly after their second-month plan renewal (after activation).

You'll receive an email prompting you to 'choose your reward' - either £10 Gift Card for, John Lewis Partnership or Uber. Your friend will receive the same. Once you've chosen this reward, you'll receive an email with your Gift Card unique code, ready to use with the supplier of your choice.

We’ll do this for each friend you successfully refer, so you can easily keep track of the referral rewards you’ve built up.

I didn’t receive my referral reward

Check in with your friend and make sure they used your referral link to order their SMARTY SIM. If you’ve carefully read and checked the renewal details above, but think there’s been an issue with your referral, contact a member of our support team via webchat.

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