Both you and your friend will get your referral reward once their 14-day money back guarantee period has passed, to be applied the next time you renew your plan.

Bear in mind that if your renewal date is due within your friend’s 14-day money back guarantee period, your referral reward will be applied to your following renewal.

We’ll send you an email when your friend successfully completes an order using your referral link, and another email once their 14-day money back guarantee period has passed. We’ll do this for each friend you successfully refer, so you can easily keep track of the referral rewards you’ve built up.

If you have auto renew switched on, this will happen automatically and you’ll get an email and a text to confirm your free month has started – otherwise, it’ll be applied when you next renew your plan.

What if I have other promotions on my SMARTY account?

A free month referral reward will always be used first. Only after all your free months have been used, any existing promotions on your account will be applied.

Bear in mind, if you’re on one of our data discount plans, any previous unused data discount from before your free month won’t carry over. However, when your free month ends, we’ll still calculate your unused data discount for that month the same way as any of your paid months. So, if you don’t use all your data in your free month, you’ll still get a discount for the data you haven’t used on your next paid month.

I didn’t receive my referral reward

Check in with your friend and make sure they used your referral link to order their SMARTY SIM. If you’ve carefully read and checked the renewal details above, but think there’s been an issue with your referral, contact a member of our support team via webchat.

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