What happened?

Back in the summer we changed how we manage customers' data sessions to try and give customers the best possible experience when browsing.  Whilst this has been working really well, we recently uncovered some unexpected scenarios which meant that some customers' data discount wasn't being calculated correctly.


What caused it?

We found two main issues but they essentially boil down to the same thing – when customers use data, our system reserves a bit of their allowance while they’re online and, when they’re done, data that hasn't been used is put back into their allowance.  In a few unusual scenarios, the system was getting a little confused and thinking all the reserved data had been used, so a small proportion wasn't being included in the data discount calculation.


What have SMARTY done about it?

Our tech team have worked hard to pinpoint exactly the circumstances where this error occurs, and we have now released fixes to stop this from happening in the future.  We've since identified any customers who have been affected and credited their accounts for any discount they should have previously received.  The average difference was 17p, so if your account was impacted you will see this as a credit in your SMARTY dashboard.

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