Every day we get potential customers visiting our website, excited by our SIM Only plans and enthusiastic about signing up when their current contract is up for renewal. Sometimes those excited visitors return to tell us they love what we're doing, but their current provider has matched our price. That makes us sad, because we know that those people are going to be paying more than they need to as they've not taken a number of things into account and have committed to another term of overspending. 

If your current provider has ""matched"" our pricing and you're on the fence about joining SMARTY (although our TrustPilot Reviews might convince you it's the right thing to do) here's a few things to check:

Data discount

Every month we turn the data you don't use into a discount off your next plan. (This does not include our large data, Unlimited, 30GB and 50GB plan) For example, if you're on the 2GB plan and only use 1GB of your 2GB you'll get £1 off your next month. So a competitor ""price match"" would now cost more. Our discount is calculated on MBs so even if you have a tiny amount left you'll still get a discount.

Data Add-ons

If you run out of data, you can buy a data add-on and use that data until your plan renews. We only charge £1.00 per GB for additional data, the same price as the data discount on our 1GB, 2GB and 3GB plans. Also, our add-ons never expire. With many other providers if you don't use all of the data in the month it was bought, it expires and you lose it.

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