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Find out how you can log in to the app through face or fingerprint recognition and choose to trust the device

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We’ve been working on a number of features on our app that will enhance the security of your SMARTY account and help us to prevent fraud. Read on to find out more about multi-factor authentication and biometric app lock.

Multi-factor authentication - Trust the device

If your device has a passcode, PIN or biometric lock set on it, you will be able to trust your device when you log in to your account. When you log in to the app you will be prompted for your email address and password. We'll then send you a one-time passcode (security code) to your SMARTY number or email address which you'll need to enter before you can access your account via the app.

Once you enter the 6 digit verification code, you can tick 'Trust this device' then 'Confirm code'

This means you will only need to verify yourself through multi-factor authentication (via a code sent via SMS or email) every so often and not every time you log in to the app on a device that you've chosen to trust.

If you choose not to trust your device, you will need to verify your identity by entering a 6 digit verification code each time you log in to your SMARTY account.

Biometric app lock

You can turn on a biometric app lock to further protect access to your SMARTY account. What this means is, if your device supports fingerprint or face recognition for authentication purposes, you can use this to log in to the app.

  • You can enable this by opening the app and logging in. Then go to:

    Privacy & Security > Screen Lock > Click the grey toggle bar next to 'Use touch ID' or 'Use Face ID' to enable the feature.

  • Note: Biometric authentication mechanisms are protected by the device’s operating system, SMARTY will not have access to your fingerprint or face data if you enable this.

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