After you’ve selected a SMARTY plan and we’ve processed your payment, we’ll post out a SIM to you. We'll send you a card with 3 types of SIM card attached to it (standard, micro and nano). 

  • Standard SIMs are mainly used in older phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy SII. 
  • Micro SIMs are the norm these days and if you've got a smartphone from 2010 or newer, you'll probably need this type of SIM. 
  • Nano SIMs are required for really new phones.

When your SIM arrives you need to pick out the right size SIM for your device and then activate it. Activating one of our SIMs is really easy.

Make sure that your phone is unlocked and pop in the appropriate SIM card. Then simply go to, log in to your SMARTY account and follow the on-screen activation instructions.

SIM cards should be activated immediately, but it could take a while longer, so please leave your new SIM in a powered device for 2 hours during activation. 

You might also have to restart your device before the activation is completed. Don’t worry though, we’ll send you a text when you’re all good to go.

Want to keep your old number? Once you’ve activated your SIM, you can transfer it over if you like (this is also known as porting). 

All you need is the PAC code from your previous provider, then just enter these details in the Transfer your number form from your dashboard and follow the instructions. 

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