When you register with SMARTY, all your details will be stored in your account area. If you ever need to access or edit any of this information, you can do this by going to your dashboard or the SMARTY App.

In Dashboard
Click on the menu icon so that you can see all the options. Then simply select the element that you'd like to look at. If you need to change anything, hit Save when you're done.

For important changes, we'll need you to validate any edits for your own security. 

We'll email you a link to click, but ensure that you only click on the link with the device that you used to make the request. Also, please verify any changes shortly after making them.

If you use another gadget or leave it too long, the validation won't go through and you'll lose any edits that you've made.

You need to be logged in for this link to jump directly to your settings


Click on Account Setting then Edit your details and you'll be able to update your postal address or email address in a flash and keep on top of your admin.

You can download the App here

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