After you’ve selected a SMARTY plan and we’ve processed your payment, we’ll post out a SIM to you. 

So that you can get started with us quickly no matter what kind of device you have (so long as it supports 3G/4G), we'll send you a card containing a SIM that will let you pop out the size of SIM that you need (standard, micro and nano). 

  • Standard SIMs are mainly used in older phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy SII. 

  • Micro SIMs are the norm these days and if you've got a smartphone from 2010 or newer, you'll probably need this type of SIM. 

  • Nano SIMs are required for really new phones.

Use our help articles to see what to do when your SIM card gets lost or stolen, or if you don’t receive your SIM on time.

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