How many people can I refer?

Your unique link never expires, and you can give it to as many friends and family members as you like. Refer 12 friends and, well that’s a year free. Keep referring and you’ll never have to pay a mobile bill again.

What happens to my data discount?

If you’re on one of our data discount plans, any previous unused data discount from before your free month won’t carry over. However, when your free month ends, we’ll still calculate your unused data discount for that month the same way as any of your paid months. So, if you don’t use all your data in your free month, you’ll still get a discount for the data you haven’t used on your next paid month.

What if I have other promotions on my SMARTY account?

A free month referral reward will always be used first. Only after all your free months have been used, any existing promotions on your account will be applied.

What if I run out of data or add-ons during my free month?

You can still buy data and ‘out of plan’ add-ons as normal during your free month. SMARTY add-ons never expire, so if you don’t use them up, they’ll stay on your account until the next time you need them.

What happens if I don't renew for a while?

If you’ve earned a free month and choose not to renew at your next renewal date, you’ll have six months to use it. You can start a new plan on SMARTY using your free month at any time within that 6 months.

What if the wrong name is appearing in the referral banner?

Make sure you’re not logged in to any existing SMARTY account. You may need to clear your browsing history and local cache or alternatively you can open the link in a different browser or device.

What if I didn’t receive my referral reward?

Once you receive an email confirming your friend’s 14-day money back guarantee period has passed, your referral reward is lined up and will be applied to your next renewal. Bear in mind that if your renewal date is due within your friend’s 14-day money back guarantee period, your referral reward will be applied to your following renewal.

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