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Common questions about referring friends.

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How many people can I refer?

Your unique link never expires, and you can give it to as many friends and family members as you like. Refer 12 friends and, well that’s £120 worth of Gift Cards for both parties. Keep referring and both parties will continue to receive the rewards.

What if I have other promotions on my SMARTY account?

No problem - you'll still be able to receive your reward.

When do I receive my reward?

Soon after your friend's second consecutive renewal (from activation), you'll receive a unique link to choose your reward. You'll then receive an email where you can choose your reward; just make sure you do this within 90 days.

Here is a worked example for the Gift Card Reward:

– On 1 November 2023, Susan takes out and activates a 1 month 16GB SMARTY Plan.

– On 4 November 2023 Susan activates her SIM and becomes eligible to refer her Friends to SMARTY (she becomes an Existing Customer).

– On 20 November 2023, Susan makes a Qualifying Referral to her Friend, Greg.

– On 22 November 2023, Greg takes out a 1 month 5GB SMARTY Plan.

– On 27 November 2023, Greg activates his SMARTY SIM via the dashboard at and then puts it into his smartphone and turns his phone on and starts using his plan.

– On 27 December 2023, Greg renews his plan and moves into his second consecutive month as an active SMARTY customer. Susan is also still an active SMARTY customer. Greg has therefore Accepted Susan’s referral and both Greg and Susan are now eligible for a reward.

– No later than 26 January 2024 (30 days after becoming eligible for a reward), both Greg and Susan will receive an email from Buyapowa offering them the choice of Gift Card.

- Both Susan and Greg must click on the link within the email and make their choice of Gift Card within 90 days of receiving the email.

What if the wrong name is appearing in the referral banner?

Make sure you’re not logged in to any existing SMARTY account. You may need to clear your browsing history and local cache or alternatively you can open the link in a different browser or device.

What if I didn’t receive my referral reward?

Has your friend's second consecutive renewal (from activation) gone through? If so, check your junk/spam folders and you might find it there. Alternatively, you can contact us via the contact page.

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