What happens if I don't renew for a while?
If you’ve earned a free month and choose not to renew at your next renew date, you’ll have six months to use it. You can start a new plan on SMARTY using your free month at any time within that 6 months.

How many people can I refer?
Your unique code never expires, and you can give it to as many friends and family members as you like. Refer 12 friends and, well that’s a year free. Keep referring and you’ll never have to pay a mobile phone bill again. 

How do discounts and add-ons work?
When your free month ends, we’ll still calculate your data discount the same way as if you’d paid for it. So, if you don’t use any data in your free month, you’ll still get your discount and only pay £5 the next month. If you use up all of your plan’s data in your free month, don’t worry you can still buy out of plan and data add-ons as normal!

What happens to my data discount before my free month?

If your next month is going to be free, you naturally won’t have to worry about your discount – so it’s a really good time to use all of your inclusive data!

When do I get my free month?

You’ll get your free month when your friend buys a SIM and uses it for 2 weeks.

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