Standard calls and texts

All calls to standard UK landlines are free with SMARTY. These numbers start with 01, 02 and 03.

All calls and texts (SMS and MMS) to UK mobiles that start with 07 are also free, as are calls to freephone numbers that start with 080.

This includes calls to and from Northern Ireland.

Emergency, critical and freephone numbers

Calls to these numbers are free with SMARTY, this includes

  • NHS - 111 and 119

  • Electricity outage: 105

  • Emergency ambulance, fire or police: 999 or 112

  • Non-emergency police number: 101

  • European helpline numbers: Starting with 116

  • Free directory enquiries (for blind or partially sighted): 195

Freephone numbers are also covered with no additional cost: 0800 and 0808 


Chargeable calls 

Calls to service numbers that start with 084 or 087 are chargeable and will require an out of plan add-on to be applied to your SMARTY account in advance. Find out about out of plan add-ons here

Corporate numbers that start with 05 are also chargeable.


Premium numbers

Currently, you're not able to call the following:

  • Any premium numbers: ones that start with 09 or 070

  • Satellite numbers: numbers that start with 0088 or 0087

  • Directory enquiries: 118

Are there any kinds of text messages that are chargeable?

At some point you'll be able to send other kinds of messages which will be chargeable. This will include premium-rate texts and short-codes, which are used for entering competitions, buying ringtones and voting on reality TV shows, and paying for parking.

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