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About our app

Everything you need to know about the SMARTY app

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The SMARTY App is packed full of great features that make managing your account super simple. Check your usage, activate your SIM, change your plan, refer your friends to SMARTY, and more...

Our app can be downloaded for free πŸ’ƒ

Please note, a minimum version of iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPad is needed to use our app.


Order and activate your SIM in a few taps πŸ‘†

If you're new to us or have already ordered a SIM, open the App to get started.

You'll see the option to Join SMARTY or to Log in and activate, tap 'Activate my SIM' to begin your billing month and start using data, calls & texts.

If you bought a SMARTY SIM in a shop, ordered it through an online supplier, or received a bonus SIM, make sure you're logged out of any existing account when launching the App. You can then select 'Join SMARTY', and follow the 'Activate SIM' steps.

Usage at a glance πŸ‘€

The app home screen lets you quickly see how much data, calls and texts you’ve used in the current month. If you need to check your usage from previous months, a timeline in the History section gives you everything you need.

Update your details πŸ““

You can easily update your details such as your address and, email and password in your Account Settings.

View and manage your Group plan πŸ”

Fancy starting a Group plan or want to check on other SIMs you’ve added? See their plan, usage and history too. Simply select the member from the tab to view.

Refer friends 🀝

Use the app to Refer-a-friend to SMARTY where you and the person you refer will benefit from a gift card on us.

To get your referral link from the App, log in and click You. Then, select Refer-a-friend and click the button below the link to copy it and start sharing.

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