You asked, we listened. Meet the new SMARTY app – packed full of great features that make managing your account super simple. Check your usage, activate your SIM, change your plan, refer your friends to SMARTY, and more...

The app can be downloaded for free, click one of the buttons below to get started:

We’re not stopping here; we have plenty more features to come so you’ll be seeing regular app updates from us to make the app even better.


Usage at a glance

From the app home screen, you can quickly see how much data, calls and texts you’ve used in the current month. And if you need to check your usage from previous months, a timeline in the History section gives you everything you need.

Activate your SIM in a few taps

It’s easy to get set up on SMARTY with our new app. Once you’ve got your SIM, you can log in and activate in a few steps. You’ll also be able to transfer your old number in-app.

Need more data?

Add-ons are there to give you that boost when you need it. More data? No problem. You can also change your plan if you see a deal that catches your eye.

View your group members

Want to check on other SIMs you’ve added? See their plan, usage and history too. Simply select the member from the tab to view.


Who doesn’t love a free month? Use the app to refer-a-friend to SMARTY and you’ll get your next month free. Plus, they’ll get a free month too.

Need help?

You can chat to our SMARTY bot 24/7, or with our support team 7 days a week. So, we’re always on hand to help.

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