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Setting up your Android device to work abroad
Setting up your Android device to work abroad

For Samsung, Huawei, Sony & other Android devices

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Your SMARTY SIM will not work abroad unless you make a one-off change to your phone settings. We’ve created a step-by-step guide to easily set up your phone to work for roaming. 🌎

Note: No need to change the settings back when you return to the UK.

If you're old school, we've also listed the written steps below:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’

  2. Tap ‘More…’ under ‘Wireless & Networks’ or 'Connections'

  3. Open ‘Mobile Network’

  4. Open ‘Access Point Names’ - If you don’t have any access point you’ll need to create a new one and skip to step number 7.

  5. Open ‘3’

  6. Open ‘Edit Access Point’

  7. Change the APN to:

  8. If you find you can't change the APN, then you'll need to add a new one - you can find the settings here:

That’s the only thing you have to change. If there’s any information in other fields, you can leave it as it is.

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