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Mobile security
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Over 30% of all phones stolen in the UK are reported to have no password or PIN security.

At SMARTY, we want to ensure that your phone and personal data are as secure as possible.

You should follow these general rules to ensure your phone is secure:

Secure your phone and SIM card with a PIN or password.

You can set up a phone PIN/Password, or even a fingerprint scanner, under the Settings section of your phone. This will stop anyone else from accessing it.

To protect your SIM from being accessed in another device, you can also set up a SIM PIN, more commonly known as a SIM lock. You can do this under the Settings > Security section of your phone.

Install anti-virus software.

Smartphones are becoming more and more like personal computers with each generation released. This means you need to be more careful than ever with what you download and install on your phone.

You can find anti-virus and anti-malware software that will help keep your phone protected. Always use a reputable company that you trust when downloading anti-virus software.

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