If you thought SMARTY was about simple, great-value plans - you'd be right!

But did you know there are even more ways to save money on your mobile bill with SMARTY?

🤜 Save 10% off plans with friends and family

A Group can be just 2 plans up to a total of 8, and as soon as there are 2 plans in the Group you start saving. Any SMARTY customer who is at least 18 years old can start a Group.

Group members with an existing offer will start receiving the group discount once their existing offer expires. Group members with an existing offer that's "for life" will keep their offer and the group discount won’t be applied.

Sound good? Just head to your dashboard either online or through our new app, look for 'Group plan' and start saving!

🤜 Get free mobile with Refer-a-friend

When you refer friends to SMARTY, we'll give you AND your friend a free month - that's calls, texts & data... for free... for both of you!

Refer 12 friends and get a whole year free.

Sound good? Just log in to your dashboard online or through the app, look for 'Refer-a-friend' and start sharing your unique referral link now.

Tip: Use the Facebook and Twitter buttons beside your unique link to easily share it with your online buddies and give your referrals a viral boost!

🤑 Get money off your bill with unused data

At the end of each month on our data discount plans (1GB, 2GB, 3GB), we take the data you haven't used and discount your next plan - at a rate of £1 per GB.

Don’t use much data?

If you're on one of our data discount plants then it's likely that you're enjoying discounted bills with SMARTY already! 🎉

Love data?

Even if you tend to use all your data, SMARTY has the tools to help you keep tabs on what you’re using. Checking how much data you've got left is easy in your dashboard and on our app. We’ll also send you a message when you're almost out of data.

Want to do more? Here's some simple tips to help keep your data usage under control:

  1. Use Wi-Fi wherever you can

Whilst it's an obvious one, it's easy to take our speedy 4G network for granted and forget to turn Wi-Fi back on.

This isn't limited to home or the office... next time you're pumping iron at the gym or enjoying a post-workout caffeine shot at the local coffeeshop, remember to keep an eye out for free, secure Wi-Fi access and start saving those valuable MBs - they literally pay back with SMARTY!

2. Take your apps offline

Many popular apps offer the ability to download data (music, video & maps) in advance over Wi-Fi so that you don't have to use your mobile data allowance to download your stuff when you're on the move.

Whether it’s your daily commute or you're off on holiday, remember to download your data in advance to save using your allowance later on. It pays to plan ahead with SMARTY!

Here’s a list of some popular apps that support offline usage:

Amazon Music
Amazon Prime Video
Apple Music
Google Maps
Google Play Music

Run out of data?

We can't always plan in advance. Sometimes you absolutely need to watch the latest episode of Love Island before you get to work - think of the FOMO. Before you know it, you've used your monthly data allowance and your Facebook feed goes dark.

Don’t worry, SMARTY has your back.

You can simply buy a data add-on to tide you over until your plan renews - you'll still be able to access your dashboard, even when you've run out of data.

Our data add-ons cost of £1 per GB - which is exactly the same as it costs with your plan.

Our add-ons never expire and will stay in your account until you use them if you run out of your in plan data allowance again.

That's SMARTY.

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