What is a Group plan?

Add multiple/additional SIMs to your existing account and get a discount.

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A Group plan is a simple way to add extra SIMs to your account.

Whether you’re bringing your family accounts together or adding an extra SIM for your tablet, SMARTY offers a simple way to manage multiple SIMs from one place and receive a 10% discount on every SIM you add.

As always, each plan comes with unlimited calls and texts and no contract as standard.

Easily manage multiple SIMs

A SMARTY group may only have 2 SIMs included, or it can include a total of 8 different SIM plans. The group owner will be able to manage everyone’s usage and payments from one place, change plans and purchase add-ons for each SIM.

Save 10% on every SIM

That's in addition to SMARTY's data discount for unused data.

A member SIM or nickname SIM?

As the group owner, you'll get to choose the level of access for your group members when ordering a new SIM. View only access will allow a member to login to their own dashboard, so a different e-mail address is required.

A nickname SIM is a great option if you're a single user, and want to benefit from the group discount when buying an additional SIM for another device. You'll get to use the same e-mail address, and each SIM plan will be accessible from the same dashboard.

To become a group owner, you must:

  • be a SMARTY customer

  • be 18 years old or older

  • ensure that anyone you invite to join your Group is at least 13 years of age, or have parent/legal guardian permission to use SMARTY

  • not already be in a Group plan

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