Introducing Wi-Fi on the London Underground. You can connect using any device that can connect to a home, work, or public Wi-Fi network, including phones, tablets, and laptops.

Our Free Wi-Fi on London Underground works in Wi-Fi enabled stations. It doesn’t work while you’re travelling on the Tube between stations.

By April 2022, all iPhone customers' phones will work automatically on the London Underground. Until then, you will need to manually set up your phone above ground before going underground.

iPhone or iOS instructions

1. Click the link to configure your phone

2. Download configuration profile here

3. As soon as the configuration profile downloads, your phone will ask you to review the profile settings. If it isn't installed within 10 minutes, it will be deleted.

4. To access your profile, open your settings panel and click on Profile Downloaded.

5. Click on the install button.

6. On your screen, you will see the Profile installed. Click the Done button at the top right corner.

You'll only have to do these steps once. When the profile is installed, your device will then automatically connect.

Android Instructions

1. Go to your Wi-Fi settings.

2. Select the Three_WIFI SSID to open the configuration screen. On a Galaxy S6, you will need to scroll up to find the "EAP method", which is set to PEAP by default.

3. Click on the down arrow and choose AKA from the drop-down list.

4.Click on the connect button.

5. Once you have checked the internet connection, you will be able to access free Wi-Fi on London Underground.


Who can use Free Wi-Fi on London Underground?

As long as you have a live account with us, you can connect to Free Wi-Fi on London Underground. Please see full London Underground WiFi Terms and Conditions here.

Disconnecting from Free Wi-Fi on London Underground

You just need to turn off Wi-Fi on your device.

Problems using Free Wi-Fi on London Underground

Ensure you're at a participating station, you can check the list of participating stations here

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