Am I 5G ready?

Here’s how you can access our 5G network.

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5G is available on SMARTY and in partnership with our sister brand Three, we’re continuing to roll out more 5G locations across the UK as fast as we can. 🚀


What is 5G? 👀

5G is short for "fifth-generation mobile network" and it’s set to be the fastest speed yet. 5G's super-fast speeds, capacity and low latency are going to change the way we use data for gaming, movies, apps, downloads and high-definition video streaming. To put it simply, 5G's going to get more data to more people, more quickly.

If you’re in a 5G area and have a compatible device, you’re ready to go. Your device will connect automatically to 5G, If not, check 5G is enabled in your device's network settings.

Is 5G more expensive? 💸

At SMARTY, 5G comes at no extra cost. All you need is a 5G enabled phone and be in a 5G area and you’ll have access to our 5G network. It’s as simple as that.

What is a 5G enabled device? 📱

A 5G-enabled device is any product that’s capable of connecting to a 5G network. This includes certain smartphones, tablets, broadband routers and WiFi dongles. Paired with a 5G SIM, these devices can access the superfast 5G network. 🚀

Check out the list we have tried and tested on our network here.

Can I personal hotspot on 5G? ⚡

Yes! You can tether and use your phone as a mobile hotspot with your full allowance if you want to. 🎉

Do I need a special SIM card for 5G? 🤔

All of our SIM cards, old and new, are ready for 5G, so you won’t need to order a new one. The only thing you need is 5G enabled device and you're good to go.

Will I use more data if I'm connected to 5G? 🔥

No, 5G itself doesn’t use more data than 4G as it’s only a more advanced network. However, you may find yourself using more data because 5G’s speed and reliability means you’re connecting more devices and streaming, scrolling and sharing more.

Why don't I have 5G in my area? 📍

We’re currently working hard to roll out 5G across our network. This means that it may not be in your area yet. But don’t worry we’re on our way, and in the meantime, you can still enjoy our fast and reliable 4G coverage.

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