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SMARTY Social Tariff
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Staying in touch is an essential part of life, which is why we’ve launched the SMARTY Social Tariff. A low-cost plan for those who need it most, available for new and existing customers on specific benefits.

How does it work?

SMARTY will carry out a fast eligibility check against the Department for Work and Pensions database to confirm if you are eligible for the plan. Don't worry - your credit score will not be affected as we do not run credit checks!

Once accepted for the SMARTY Social Tariff, you can keep the plan for as long as you are eligible, with an ultimate flexibility - you can cancel the plan or make any changes at any time.

Please note: If you believe your details match those held by your Citizen Portal and you are in receipt of the eligible benefits, yet our system cannot recognize them, please contact the Department for Work & Pensions for further guidance.

Who is eligible for the SMARTY Social Tariff?

Anybody in receipt of the following support benefits is eligible to apply for the plan:

  • Income-based employment support

  • Income-based job seeker

  • Income support

  • Pension credit

  • Universal credit

What does this include?

  • Unlimited data

  • Unlimited UK calls & texts

  • Fast 5G, 4G data - 5G available with enabled devices

  • Unrestricted tethering in the UK

  • No speed caps

  • EU Roaming - Use your plan in Europe (12GB fair use limit) Learn more

  • SIM, Micro-SIM, & Nano-SIM sizes

*SMARTY's Social Tariff cannot be used as part of our groups offering or in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

How do I sign up?

To keep it simple, the easiest way to sign up is by following the steps and the link below.

  • Are you new to SMARTY?

To sign up, you need to follow the instructions on the website to go through the eligibility checks and complete your basket.

  • Are you an existing customer?

To change your plan to SMARTY's Social Tariff please go to our landing page by clicking here.

  • Choose 'I'm already with SMARTY' and a pop-up window will be displayed on page.

  • You will then be prompted to provide relevant information that SMARTY will need before submitting your request.

  • Based on the information provided, if you are eligible for SMARTY Social Tariff, you will be asked to submit a ticket, which will send a request to our relevant team to process your change of plan.

Our relevant team will review the information given and we aim to get back in touch within 48 hours. You will receive an email once we have reviewed your request.

Please note that we will not be able to process a request if the ticket has not been submitted.

  • Do you already have a pre-loaded SIM card or a blank SIM that it is not active (e.g. purchased in a shop, bonus SIM)?

If you have a SIM card already, but you have not activated it, we recommend that you use the new customers journey to sign up to the SMARTY Social Tariff and get a new SIM card through post.

Alternatively, you are able to use your current SIM card by activating it here, going to our landing page and clicking on 'I'm already with SMARTY'. If successful, your plan will change from the next renewal date.

*Please note that if you have a bonus or a blank SIM, you will need to sign up to one of our standard plans in the activation process for the first month.

What is DWP and why do I need to give permission to share my data?

We have partnered with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to enable SMARTY to validate eligibility if consumers are in receipt of eligible benefits.

We need explicit permission before SMARTY are able to process validation and confirm eligibility.

What happens if my SMARTY account details are different to the ones held by DWP?

We require these details to match for validation.

If your SMARTY details are incorrect, you can update them by logging into the dashboard or app.

If the details on your Benefits Claim are incorrect, please refer to the guidelines on

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