How we take payments at SMARTY

All our monthly plans are paid for in advance with a credit/debit card, or cash if you have purchased via a PayPoint retailer.

You pay upfront for your first month when you place an order, and your billing cycle begins when you activate your SIM - this means you won't be due to pay again until a month after you choose to activate.

However, because we don't accept BACs payments or Direct Debits, it's quicker and easier to get going with SMARTY since no credit searches are required.

We'll request the money for your SMARTY plan or add-on immediately, but depending on when you make the payment and how your bank works, the transaction may not show up on your bank statement until the next business day.


You've got the choice of setting up a recurring payment or not with each of the SMARTY plans. 

If you don’t pick the recurring option, we'll send you a reminder by text and email about a week before the end of your monthly billing cycle so that you've got time to think about the next month.

You're free to choose whichever payment option you want, but having a plan that automatically renews is one less thing to think about.

Please also note that if you don't have an active plan, you won't be able to use any of the SMARTY services.

So if your plan doesn't renew, you won't be able to use data, send texts or make calls.

When your plan doesn't automatically renew...

Sometimes there might be an issue that prevents your plan from automatically renewing.

This usually happens when there's a payment failure or when a registered card has expired. Regardless, we'll get in touch with you by text and email so that we can get you up and running again.

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You can also easily manage auto-renew and payment settings via our App:

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