How do I pause my plan?

Here's how to stop your plan temporarily.

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If something comes up and you’d like to pause your plan for a while, you can always turn off auto-renewing payments. We’ll keep your account open for 6 months, which means it’s easy to come back and pick up where you left off. 🚀

  1. Head to your dashboard and click Menu (in web) or You (in-app)

  2. In web: Untick the auto-renew box and then click 'update payment settings'

  3. In app: press 'Disable auto-renew'

  4. Done 😎 you'll get an email to confirm the change has gone through.

🙋‍♂️ Bear in mind!

If your plan remains inactive for 220 days, we’ll automatically close your account for you.

We’ll send you an email 40 days before we close your account, which will include your PAC and remaining credit balance. We’ll then send you a final email once we’ve closed your account.

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