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Discover how to set up voicemail on your SMARTY SIM

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Once you’ve activated your SIM and you're up and running, don’t forget to set up your voice mailbox if you want to receive voicemails. 📲

Setting up is easy, the recording will take you through each step:

  1. Dial 123 from your SMARTY SIM

  2. Choose a PIN

  3. Select # and confirm.

  4. Record your name

You can change your name recording whenever you want in your mailbox settings.


How do I access my Voicemails in the UK?

If you've got a voicemail, you'll get a text to let you know. Call 123 from your SMARTY SIM or +447782333123 from another device to access your mailbox.

How do I access my Voicemails whilst abroad?🌎

If you've got a voicemail, you'll get a text to let you know. Call +447782333123 from your phone or another device followed by entering your voicemail pin to access your mailbox

While you’re in the EU, calls to voicemail are included in your plan and there’s no additional charge.

If you’re roaming outside of the EU though, accessing your voicemail will require an out-of-plan add-on. This is because you'll be making a call to a UK number.

For more information on the costs of calling UK numbers from international locations outside the EU, check the roaming and international section in our Price Guide here.

How do I deactivate my Voicemail? 📴

If you have voicemail set up but now want it deactivated, get in touch with us via web chat so that we can arrange for this to happen.

Our team on web chat are available from 8am-8pm 7 days a week. Just look for the green chat icon.

Text relay and Voicemail

For text relay users, who wish to use the Relay UK service to listen to voicemail, you’ll just need to dial 18001 07782333123.

I've forgotten my Voicemail pin, how can I reset it? 🤦‍♂️

If you forget your PIN, dial 123 from your SMARTY SIM and follow the instructions to create a new one

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