At SMARTY we like to keep things simple.

Our plans, excluding data-only plans, come with unlimited calls and texts to standard UK landlines, freephone numbers and standard UK mobiles.

But when you want to call a number that’s chargeable – such as premium numbers starting 084 or 087 – make international calls, or call and text from a non-included roaming destination, you will need an add-on because this service is ‘out of plan’.

Data only customers who purchase an out of plan add-on can use this credit to make UK and EU calls.

Our add-ons essentially give you an allowance to make those chargeable calls.

How do I purchase an add-on?

Purchasing an ‘Out of plan add-on’ is easy. Head to the SMARTY app, on your Dashboard tab select Add-ons at the top and here you can view our range of Add-ons.

Through the web dashboard, go to, and click on View details under Account balances and credits. Click on Manage add-ons and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you’d like to find out more about what numbers may be chargeable, we have a great article in our help section. Plus, if you’d like more information on international calling and roaming it can be found here.

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