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Going or calling abroad
Setting up your phone to work abroad
Setting up your phone to work abroad

Updating your settings so SMARTY works abroad

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We have specific instructions for iOS, Android and Windows phones. If you don’t have any of these phones follow these instructions to get it to work for roaming.

1  - Go to ‘Settings’

2 - Look for ‘Mobile networks or APN…’

3 - Change or create the ‘APN’ settings as follows:

Name: 3


User name: [leave blank]

Password: [leave blank]

MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8799

APN type: internet + mms

4. Save your settings if applicable

Your device will most likely have a setting which turns roaming on or off - you'll need to make sure roaming is switched on, too. 

That’s all! 👍

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