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How do I add another SIM to my Group?
How do I add another SIM to my Group?

Find out how to add another new SIM or an existing SMARTY account to your Group plan

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If you'd like to add a new SIM to your Group, remember that only the Group owner will be able to add these additional members.

From the homepage of your dashboard, you'll see a green circle with your initials in capitals. Click this and select 'My Group plan'.

When you select ‘Group Plan’ you will see yourself listed in members and then under the heading ‘Group Actions’, select ‘+ Add another SIM’:

You'll then see the following options, allowing you to add an existing SMARTY account or purchase a new SIM:

To add an existing SMARTY user, enter the email of the account you’d like to join your group.

Your friend will then receive an email from you inviting them to be added to the group; they will need to click the link and follow the instructions from their dashboard to accept the invitation and join.

Alternatively, your friend will be able to accept the invitation once they've logged into their dashboard.

Have a careful read of the terms before accepting. As group owner, you’ll be responsible for all future activity and payments for every member account.    

Once the new member has accepted your invitation, we’ll send you an email. confirmation with their plan details and when the next payment will be due.

If you choose to add a new SIM, follow the steps outlined here.

If you have a spare SMARTY SIM already, you'll need to activate it first. You'll then be able to add it on by coming back to you Group plan page.

Please note: all Group members accounts will use the Group owner’s payment method.

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