We're sad to see you go, and if there's anything we can do to help then please don't hesitate to contact Customer Support. Keep in mind that we'll need the Group Owners authority to make any changes to your account

If you're set on leaving, then you can ask the Group Owner to get your PAC through their online account.

A PAC means you can leave SMARTY and take your number with you or a STAC means that you can leave SMARTY without taking your number i.e. the number gets terminated, you can access your account below.

You can also request a PAC or STAC by texting PAC to 65075 or STAC to 75075. 

If you request a code through text, you'll receive a text with your PAC or STAC, an email notification will also be sent to the Group Owner.

When you use your PAC or STAC to leave SMARTY and the request has been successfully completed, the Group Owner will receive a notification confirming that your transfer is complete. The next time you try to login into your SMARTY dashboard you'll see that your account has closed. 

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