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I have not received my SIM card
I have not received my SIM card

What to do, when you have not received your SIM card.

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Your SMARTY SIM is sent via Royal Mail First class post, so will generally be delivered within 48 hours. If your order is completed before 16:00, then the SIM will be dispatched on the same day. Orders received after this time will be sent the next working day.

Make sure that your delivery address is displayed correctly on the settings page of your dashboard. Use the “edit address” function to change your address if required.

Should your address contain any special characters ( @, ‘,?,!,”) try to remove these. If that's not possible, please contact our customer support team via the chat function for some additional support.

If you've checked that your address is correct, and you have not received your SIM card after 5 business days, your SIM has most likely been lost. We don’t receive any information about the delivery of your SIM after it’s been dispatched, but we're here to help. After 5 days have passed, you'll be able to order a replacement SIM from this link.

⚠️ Very important: Please DO NOT request a replacement SIM if you are currently in the process of porting your old number to SMARTY. Wait for the port to fully complete.

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