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Roaming fair use terms and call rates to the EU
Roaming fair use terms and call rates to the EU

If you are roaming in the EU or calling the EU from the UK, here's some information to be aware of.

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Calling rates from UK to EU

Rates for calling all EU destinations from the UK are charged at 19p per minute.

Fair usage while roaming in the EU

You can use 12GB of data with your base tariff each month while roaming in the EU.

If you would like to use more than 12GB of data while in the EU, you can purchase a data add-on from your dashboard.

We will send you an SMS when you are reaching your 12GB limit.

Permanent roaming restrictions

To ensure all customers can benefit from roaming at no extra cost in the EU, we have put in place fair use policies which include safeguards to prevent prolonged periods of roaming.

We will monitor your usage, and if you spend 60 consecutive days abroad, we have the right to suspend all services on your account. This means that you will not be able to use your SIM. Roaming while in or outside the EU counts towards your consecutive use. We'll send you an alert two weeks before the suspension is applied.

If you have extenuating circumstances (for example being stuck abroad for reasons beyond your control), you should contact us as soon as you possible to prevent your service being suspended.

If you've had your services suspended and since returned to the UK, please contact us to let us know of the change in your location, and we'll unblock your services.

Note: If your services are suspended and you have Auto-renew enabled, your plan will continue to renew automatically. To disable this, head to your payment settings.


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