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Are all calls free with SMARTY plans?
Are all calls free with SMARTY plans?

Learn exactly what's included with our range of plans.

Updated over a week ago

Calls to service numbers (starting with 084, 087) are chargeable, as are calls to corporate numbers beginning with 05.

If you’re going to be making a chargeable call, you'll need to buy an out-of-plan add-on in advance of making the call.

An out-of-plan add-on simply puts a little money into your SMARTY balance, which you can use any time you want.

What do my unlimited minutes include? 📞

Unlimited calls on our Voice plans include:

  • Standard UK mainland landlines (starting 01, 02 and 03)

  • Freephone numbers (starting 080)

  • Standard UK mobiles (starting 07).

    This includes calls to and from Northern Ireland.

Emergency, critical and freephone numbers

Calls to these numbers are free with SMARTY, this includes:

  • NHS - 111 and 119

  • Electricity outage: 105

  • Emergency ambulance, fire or police: 999 or 112

  • Non-emergency police number: 101

  • European helpline numbers: Starting with 116

  • Free directory enquiries (for blind or partially sighted): 195

Freephone numbers are also covered with no additional cost: 0800 and 0808

Please note that, at the moment you can't currently call the following numbers with any of the SMARTY plans:

  • Premium numbers beginning with 09 or 070

  • Satellite numbers (numbers that start with 0088 or 0087)

  • Directory enquiries (118)

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