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Types of fraud
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There are many types of ways fraudsters will try to gain access to an account or private information. These are the most common types of fraud you should watch out for:

New account fraud.

This is where a fraudster will take out an account in another person’s name. Usually the fraudster will have access to a person's personal information and/or bank details.

If you suspect New account fraud, you should contact us.

Account takeover.

This is where a fraudster will gain access to a person’s personal information in order to commit upgrade fraud or take control of an account.

If you suspect account takeover fraud,  you should contact us.

SIM swap fraud.

This is where a fraudster will gain access to a customer’s phone number by swapping the account to a different SIM card.

If your SIM card suddenly stops working and your phone says it's not registered, you should contact us.

Call diverts.

This is where a fraudster will use your personal information to place a call divert on your phone so that any inbound calls are diverted to them instead.

If you suspect a divert has been placed on your phone without your permission, you should contact us.


Porting fraud is where a fraudster will attempt to transfer your number from Three to another network in order to gain control of your phone number.

If you receive a text about your number being ported without your knowledge, you should contact us.

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