If you’re a Group Owner Removing a Group member or disbanding a Group is a very simple process.

  • Log on to your SMARTY dashboard,https://smarty.co.uk/dashboard

  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, to the groups tile.

  • Select, "View my Groups"

  • You can now remove specific group members or unwind the whole Group by selecting, "Remove Group Member"

Just a few things to be mindful of...

  • You cannot remove a group member if they are under 16. Please contact SMARTY Customer Support

  • Group members will be notified that they have been removed and need to set up payment information if they would like for service to continue, once the current month has expired.

  • Group members that have been removed, can always be added at any time. This is a good workaround if you would like to pause a member's account for a period.

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