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Port-In - Right to Compensation
Port-In - Right to Compensation
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Providing our customers with excellent service is always our top priority and simple, honest mobile is at the heart of everything we do. Although we work tirelessly to move your services to SMARTY as soon as we receive your request, there are times where a delay can occur.

Switching to SMARTY

For customers that wish to port their existing mobile number from the previous provider to SMARTY, or to switch their services and leave the old number behind, we provide you with a switching date upon submitting your request. Alternatively, we provide the option to select your switching date, where you'd like to choose a specific day (only if available).

Is compensation applicable if the switch is delayed or failed?

To keep it simple, when a switch is delayed or has failed, your account will be credited automatically within 30 days.

There are times when other errors can happen, therefore if you face issues with your transfer, please contact our support team to get this resolved. Please see some examples where compensation is applicable:

  • You experienced unexpected loss of service during the switching process.

  • Errors occurred when switching to SMARTY, and although the PAC/STAC was processed successfully, there are issues with the services (e.g. unable to receive/make calls).

  • Your number was switched fraudulently or you did not consent to this change.

  • You haven't been adequately informed about the switching process.

Please note that sometimes we are not able to compensate you. Examples:

  • The switching information entered is incorrect (e.g. PAC/STAC or the previous number).

  • The process has not been followed in full (e.g. the SIM card has not been activated as per the guidelines).

  • Your PAC/STAC has expired or is due to expire before the switch is complete.

  • The SMARTY SIM card was abroad at the time the switch was being processed.

For any questions please contact us via webchat or email If you need accessibility support for your compensation query, you can arrange to speak to our Excellence team.

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