You can buy extra data at any time. All you need is one of our data add-ons. 

There are 3 data add-ons available either online or to purchase through our app: 

  • 1GB

  • 2GB

  • 4GB

You need to be logged in for this link to jump directly to your dashboard

You can also buy an add-on through our SMARTY App, by going to the Dashboard screen and selecting Add-ons at the top of the page.

Our add-ons never expire and data costs £1 per GB - exactly the same as it does in your plan.

But don’t forget that you can always switch plans at any time if you think that you’re always going to need more data. Just be aware that any changes won’t kick in until the start of your next billing cycle.

Also, connecting your phone to WiFi means that you won’t use up any of your allowance, so that might be a good way to save data in the future.

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