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Need extra data on top of your plan allowance?
Need extra data on top of your plan allowance?

How to stay online when you've run out of data for the month.

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You can buy extra data at any time. All you need is one of our data add-ons. 

There are 6 data add-ons available either online or to purchase through our app: 

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Don’t forget that you can switch plans at any time if you think that you’re always going to need more data. Just be aware that any changes won’t kick in until the start of your next billing cycle.

Tip: Connecting your phone to WiFi means that you won’t use up any of your allowance, so that can also be a good way to save data in the future.


Do the data add-ons expire? 📅

No - data add-ons never expire, so you can use them when you need.

How quickly can I use the add-on after purchase? 🚀

Straight away! It can take up to 2 hours for your dashboard to display the add-on, but don't worry, data will be instantly accessible to keep you connected.

Remember, you need to have a live plan in order to use add-ons.

Can I use data add-ons abroad? 🌎

You sure can. If you're heading on holiday within the EU, you'll be subject to our fair use limit of 12GB each month. If you need to use more data when travelling in the EU, you can buy a data add-on.

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