All purchases and payment settings will be managed from the group owner’s account. All email notifications will be sent to the group owner, but you will still receive
important service notifications via SMS i.e.

  • SIM Is Activated
  • Number Ported to SIM
  • Renewing Base Plan
  • 1 Day From Bundle Expiry - manual renewal
  • 7 Day From Bundle Expiry - manual renewal
  • Used 80% Data Allowance
  • Used 100% Data Allowance
  • Data Add-On Purchased
  • Out of Plan Add-on Purchased
  • Out of Plan Add On Used 80%
  • 80% EU Roaming data Limit
  • 95% EU Roaming data Limit

You wont be able to change your Adult content settings, and the ability to terminate an account will all be managed through the group owner’s account.

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