If you have an active SMARTY SIM:

  1. You just need an invite from the Group owner.

  2. Once you receive an email with your invite, you'll need to respond to the invitation to join the Group. Simply follow the link in the email, this will take you to your dashboard.

  3. Click “Respond to invitation”. Carefully read the terms and conditions before accepting the invitation.
    Once you accept, both you and the Group owner will receive an email confirmation that you’ve joined the Group.

If you don't have an active SMARTY SIM yet,

a Group owner can order a SIM for you directly from their account. Bear in mind you must be at least 13 years old or have parent or legal guardian permission to use SMARTY as a Group member.

If you have a SMARTY SIM at hand, but haven't activated it yet,

activate it first, then follow the steps above to join a Group.

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