As Group owner

  • If you’ve added an existing SMARTY account to your Group plan, you’ll receive an email confirmation when they’ve accepted your invitation to join. This will include details of what plan they’re on, and their next billing date.

  • If you’ve added a new SMARTY account to your Group plan, you’ll pay upfront for the first month when you order their SIM. The billing cycle will start only when you or your Group member activate the SIM.

  • With auto-renewing payments turned on, you can remove the hassle of logging in and making payments for your Group accounts each month. You can control auto-renewing payments for the whole Group from your own personal account. Simply go to your "Account settings" page, make sure auto-renew is checked, and click “Update payment settings”.

As Group member

  • All of your payments, payment methods, and payment settings will be managed by your Group owner.

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