Want to switch to SMARTY, but don’t have access to your previous SIM? That’s ok, it happens. If you have a phone number with another mobile provider, you can still transfer your number over to SMARTY, it’ll just take a little longer.

You’ll need to contact your previous provider to request a PAC or STAC code.

Pro tip: You can always activate your SMARTY SIM and start using your temporary number until you have time to contact your previous provider.

Bear in mind, that if you’re not using your previous number it may expire, but that usually takes at least six months. If your number expires, you won’t be able to bring it over to SMARTY.

Got your PAC or STAC? Nice one.

Once you have your new SMARTY SIM at hand,

Activate your SIM and enter your PAC to start transferring your number


Activate your SIM and enter your STAC to terminate your previous number.

If your SIM hasn’t arrived yet, that’s it for now. Keep your code handy until then.

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