Group owners can:

  • make payments and manage all payment details
  • see the plan, usage, and call history starting from the day the account was added to the Group
  • change plan and purchase add-ons
  • change personal, contact, and adult content settings
  • transfer a phone number
  • request a replacement SIM
  • request a PAC or STAC code
  • pause or cancel the service
  • remove any member from the Group
  • add additional SIMs to the Group, up to a total of 8
  • receive all service notifications by email

Group members with view-only access can:

  • see their own plan, usage, and call history
  • edit their own personal details
  • request a replacement SIM for their own account
  • request a PAC or STAC code for their own account
  • receive service notifications by SMS regarding your own account

Group members without view-only access can:

  • only be managed via the Group owner account

Things to bear in mind

  • Each Group can only have one owner and role cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Group members won’t have access to any other group member’s account, unless they’re the group owner.
  • Group members won’t have access to any payment related actions, such as buying add-ons or changing plans.

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