Got poor signal at home or while you’re out and about, but need to make a call? Here’s where WiFi Calling comes to the rescue. It’s all about supercharging your signal.

With WiFi Calling, you can connect to WiFi in the UK to make a call or send a text, allowing you to stay connected.

WiFi Calling allows you to call your contacts from your number; using the functionality in most phones. And the person you’re calling doesn’t need to have WiFi Calling enabled.

What you’re charged for

When you use WiFi Calling to call or text you'll be charged in the same way as you normally would be to do those things. As all SMARTY plans include unlimited calls and texts you won’t pay anything extra for WiFi Calling (unless you’re using it for premium numbers or international calls).

Why is it better than using Skype or WhatsApp?

Unlike Skype or WhatsApp, WiFi Calling lets you call all your contacts from your own number without conflicting with other apps, all without using a single megabyte of your SMARTY monthly data. And the person you're calling doesn't need to have it installed.

How do I switch it on?

Android phones should have WiFi Calling already set up. But for iPhones, you’ll need to visit the settings menu to turn it on.

Anything else I need to know?

Not all devices support WiFi Calling, it depends on the manufacturer - so check our Which devices are compatible with WiFi Calling? which explains which ones do. And if you're having problems, ensure that you upgrade to the latest software version.

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