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What is WiFi Calling?

Here’s the lowdown on what Wi-Fi Calling is and why it’s great for keeping you connected

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Got poor signal at home or while you’re out and about, but need to make a call? Here’s where Wi-Fi Calling comes to the rescue - it’s all about supercharging your signal 🚀

What is Wi-Fi calling?

WiFi Calling lets you make and receive calls and texts using WiFi, even if there is limited or no network coverage meaning you always stay connected. 🤘

All you need is a phone that supports WiFi Calling and a WiFi connection in the UK.


Am I charged extra for using Wi-Fi calling? 💸

When you use WiFi Calling to call or text you'll be charged in the same way as you normally would be to do those things. SMARTY plans that include unlimited calls and texts won't charge anything extra for WiFi Calling (unless you’re using it for premium numbers or international calls).

How do I check if my device is compatible with Wi-Fi calling?

We've tried and tested devices to check their compatibility with Wi-Fi calling, if your device isn't listed, it may still have Wi-Fi calling capability but as we haven't tested it, we can't guarantee it'll work.

Can I use Wi-Fi calling if I'm abroad? ✈

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi Calling doesn't work while you're abroad, but you can still use it to call internationally or premium rate numbers from the UK (out of plan add-on required for calling these type of numbers)

What kind of Wi-Fi quality do I need to use Wi-Fi calling? 🚀

Your call quality will be at its best at 2MB per second and can be impacted by slower connection speeds, so it’s best to check your speed using a speed test app.

Try an app like Ookla, which can be downloaded via the app store on your device or by going to their website. Some internet providers also have speed tests on their website.

Can I use Wi-Fi calling when connected to public hotspots?

You can use WiFi Calling in public hotspots if the hotspot provider allows it. Make sure you've signed in securely, if not, you'll get a message asking you to. If WiFi Calling isn’t allowed on the hotspot network, the service won't work.

Will I be able to make emergency calls using Wi-Fi calling? 👮‍♀️

If you want to call the emergency services on 999 with our WiFi Calling service – please note that your access to emergency calls may cease if there is a power cut failure, or failure of your internet connection.

You may also be asked to confirm or provide your location when making an emergency call to enable the correct emergency organisation to respond. Your emergency call may also not receive the same network priority as an emergency call made on a mobile or fixed network, so we would recommend using a mobile or fixed network if you are having problems connecting with WiFi.

Remember, if you have no coverage on your SMARTY SIM but you need to make a call to the emergency services, your SIM will automatically connect to the next available network.

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